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Frankie (Frances Crabill) Denton

Frankie Denton - Biography

Born in a small town in Virginia, Frankie wanted to be an artist from age four.  She practiced by doing the "Draw Me" in magazines, drawing paper dolls as taught by a friend, and copying designs her sister made.  But not until she was at the College of William and Mary did she have the opportunity to take an art course.  She took one course in drawing, one in oil painting, and one in sculpture.  Then she signed up for an architecture class in the Art Department.  Seeing that as a viable way to support herself as an artist, Frankie went on to graduate school and received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia.

After teaching architecture at the University of Nebraska for two years, she moved back to Virginia to work as a Capital Outlay Planner for the State of Virginia.  She married, moved to North Carolina, and raised three children.  During this time,  she took a watercolor class and a colored pencil class at the community college.

Illness in 1998 reminded Frankie to look at her "list", and she has been painting ever since.  Much of her work is realistic-style oil still life, but she also enjoys portrait commissions.  Her award-winning work can be found in the Carol G. Belk Library at Appalachian State University, and in private collections throughout the Eastern United States.

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